Hi, I'm Jonathan Caridia, a New Zealand-based UI artist and designer working on video games & more. Welcome![Edits and additions in progress. Pardon our Dust!]

email: me [at] jonathancaridia [.] com

UI Work

Design Work

Other skills

Art + Illustration

UI Work

OYASUMI - Browser blocking extension

Design for the settings and blocking page for a browser blocking extension. You can set a bedtime, after which all sites will redirect to the dark screen with an encouraging message. To enhance this, lists of sites can be set to block during certain times of day, and others to be excepted from blocking.The colours were chosen to represent daylight and night, and an airy, approachable aesthetic makes the extension pleasurable to use.

Art Commissions

I love the process of taking things from imagination to reality - let me do that with you! I work closely with clients to ensure you are on board with every step of the process and we get to an outcome that brings joy.

DnD/Fantasy Characters

Knights, sorcerors, fey, tieflings, goblins and more. Give me your warlock cowboy looking to even the score, or shining paladin who trusts her god but not her lord.

Waist up75+100+130+
Full Body100+150+190+

LANCER/Sci-Fi Characters

Realise your grizzled veteran cut adrift by FTL time dilation, runaway princess of the Karrakin House of Glass, or cybernetically enhanced middle manager of a corpro-state’s Acquisitions division.

Waist Up75+100+130+
Full Body100+150+190+

Colourful Vector Art

Simple and fun with a splash of colour, these work great for profile pictures, decorative prints or inoffensive,appealing branding material.


...Something Else?

If you're wanting something that doesn't fit into one of the above categories, I encourage you submit an enquiry anyway. I enjoy variety!Things I'm especially into:

  • Female characters

  • Mecha, spaceships etc.

  • Weapons and items (fantasy, sci-fi or realistic)

  • Emotes

Or email: commissions[at] jonathancaridia.com


Aww it’s so good! Everything looks great, no changes needed. […] I think you did a fine job. Very transparent and good communication.- Eddie B.


You did a great job and were very responsive.- Roman A.

Quick Terms

I expect from you:

  • Polite and responsive communication, replying within 3 working days.

  • Sticking to the agreed project scope, or payment for extra revisions or deliverables.

  • Prompt payment within 2 weeks of sending an invoice, via PayPal or NZ bank transfer.

  • Adherence to personal usage only (unless negotiated otherwise) and to copyright law.

In return, you may expect:

  • Prompt acceptance (or decline) of commission.

  • Frequent progress updates upon start of work (min. once/week and upon reaching project milestones).

  • Full delivery of the project deliverables within the agreed timeline.

  • Transparent, friendly communication, and prompt notice of any issues that arise.

See the full Terms of Service.

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Full Commission Terms of Service

1. Scope
This Agreement covers work on items listed in the Schedule of Work, a document listing deliverables and due dates whose contents must be confirmed as correct by the commissioner before I will start work. Any work not included in this agreed-upon Schedule, be it extra deliverables or changes to existing ones in number, scale, level of detail or any other parameter requiring more of my time to complete, will require additional payment and extension of any deadlines by negotiation.
2. Usage
The products of these commissions are for personal use only, meaning no commercial gain may be attained through its display or use. You will receive only the final image(s) in raster format like .png or .jpg, not working files such as .psd or .ai files, unless negotiated otherwise. You may use final image(s) on social media for a profile picture or banner, or as a post, if you give credit in your bio or post with a link to one of either:
- jonathancaridia.com
- My profile on the same platform posted on (if such exists).
You may print the final image for display in a private setting such as your home.
I retain the right to display the work and any WIPs (works in progress) for my own use including promotion, posting on my social media and/or in my portfolio or for any purpose, unless otherwise negotiated.
3. Copyright
I retain all applicable exclusive rights to works made under the Commission Agreement, including rights of attribution and reproduction. This means you cannot display the work without credit, take credit for work undertaken in its creation you did not do, post the work edited or traced without permission, sell usage rights or copies of the work, enter the work in contests without permission, use the work on merchandise or any other such breaches of copyright law.
I will retain all applicable exclusive rights to any materials produced under a terminated commission unless negotiated otherwise.
4. Payment
I accept bank transfer for clients within New Zealand and PayPal for all other clients. I require a 50% deposit or full payment before starting work, and payment in full before sending the final deliverables.
Payment in currency other than USD or NZD will be converted to and due in NZD, rounded to the nearest dollar. Cryptocurrency is not accepted.
5. Communication
Timely feedback on works in progress and sketches is expected. When feedback is required from you to continue work, no communication for seven consecutive days will be taken as indication to continue as I see fit unless previously communicated otherwise. You will be reminded via email and/or an agreed preferred communication channel one working day before I continue work. Any changes necessary as a result of late communication will be subject to the terms in section 6 (Revisions).
Excessively rude or abusive communication is grounds for terminating the commission.
6. Revisions
Commissions include a limited amount of revision time, outlined in the Commission Agreement. Any time spent on changes over the included amount will be charged at US$40 per hour and due in the final payment.
7. Commission Termination and Refunds
Either party may terminate (end) a commission with 10 days’ written notice.
If you end the commission before start of work, a refund of the full amount paid will be given. After start of work, the deposit is non-refundable. Additionally, payment will be due for any work done to date that exceeds the value of the paid deposit, measured at a rate of US$40 per hour.
The final payment cannot be refunded, as it is due on completion of work and its payment indicates satisfaction with the provided services.
If I end the commission, I will refund the amount paid, minus an amount for hours of work done so far at a rate of US$40 per hour. I will also give you the option of me sending you any material produced in pursuit of the commission's completion.
The exception to these terms is if I terminate on grounds of bad client behaviour, including but not limited to abusive communication, overdue payment or breach of copyright, in which case the same terms apply as if you end the commission.
Payment of outstanding funds will be due within 30 days from the date of termination.
8. Breaches of Terms
If a party is in breach of these terms, that party will be given 30 days to address the breach. If the breach is not adequately addressed as agreed by both parties, the Agreement will be treated as being terminated by the party guilty of the breach. If both parties disagree on whether a breach has occurred or if a breach has been addressed adequately, a third party arbitrator will be found to render binding judgement, agreed upon by both parties. If an arbitrator cannot be agreed upon, the dispute will be resolved by litigation under New Zealand law.
9. Jurisdiction
This Agreement is subject to the laws and regulations of New Zealand, and any legal disputes will be resolved in its courts and on its land.
10. Liability
I am not liable to you the client, or any third party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if I am advised of such damages. If any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.