Benefits of a comfort zone

Not being able to execute the ideas you have comes from a lack of fundamentals, but studying the fundamentals alone is often boring and difficult – a recipe for avoidance. That’s a self-perpetuating situation that needs a stick in the spokes. Establishing a Comfort Zone disrupts the cycle by getting you to start feeling good about your work.


Everything You Need for Artist Alley

I recently applied to vend at Chromacon in Auckland [update: I got in!]. As my first step of preparation (here’s the rest of my road map) I decided to compile a list of things I’d need to take, to see what would be involved and put myself in the mindset of going. This involved my favourite thing: Diving down the rabbit hole, watching a lot of videos and reading articles so I don’t miss anything obvious and leave myself open to misfortune through lack of foresight. Here’s what I found out.


Roadmap to Chromacon

I recently applied to vend at Chromacon, an Independent Arts festival in Auckland. I’ve attended the last two in 2015 and 2017, and met some really cool artists like Bobby Chiu, J.A.W. Cooper and Paul Tobin. It was super inspiring and I resolved that I would come be a part of the other side next time around.