Current Commission Offerings

These are my current non-commercial commission offerings. To enquire about commercial work, use the contact form on my About page or send me an email at me[-at] so we can talk further.

Colourful Vector Characters

Base price: US$45

Status: OPEN

Good for stylised comic and DnD characters, fanart and real people.

Base price covers one simple character from the shoulders up with a simple background. You can add more complexity like more of the body, complicated designs, background and extra elements. This will be reflected in the price.

Available Extras:

Alternates – the same base art with a change, such as facial expression, outfit, colour palette, hairstyle etc. Price depends on complexity.

Timelapse process video (5 minutes): +$5

Rush job (required by a certain date): +30% up front minimum, more if excessive.

Working files (.ai or .afdesign): +50%

Private (I won’t post on any social media or put in portfolio): +10%


  1. Read the FAQ below, then send me an order form.
  2. I will email you with whether your commission is accepted. If so I will also send a Commission Agreement, and an invoice through PayPal for a 50% deposit. I will require the deposit and confirmation of the Agreement to start work.
  3. I work on the piece then send you a sketch. This is the best time to request changes. You can request changes any time, but it’s cheaper and easier to get them in early (see Changes policy below).
  4. Once the sketch is approved, I finish the piece and send you a low resolution, watermarked proof to review.
  5. When you are satisfied, I will send you an invoice for the remaining amount due, including any edit costs.
  6. Once you send the final payment, I send the final, full resolution image(s).
    Commission complete!


Aww it’s so good! Everything looks great, no changes needed.
[…] I think you did a fine job. Very transparent and good communication.

Eddie B.


Amber K.

You did a great job and were very responsive.

Roman A.


Want to know something about my commissions? Hopefully it’s answered here, otherwise you can email me at commissions[-at]

What can you do?

My available services are listed above. I prefer character work but am open to other subjects. You can try your luck with ordering “Off-Menu”, but the further away it is the less likely I am to accept it, even if because I don’t feel I could provide a decent standard of quality.

I reserve the full right to refuse any request or order for any reason.

How can the commission be used?

The results of these commissions are for personal use only, meaning no commercial gain is attained through its display or use. I am absolutely open to commercial work, but we would work out a completely different set of terms and pay scale.

You may use it on social media as long as you give credit with a link in your bio or post, and print it for display in a private setting like a home.

I retain the right to display the work and any WIPs on my own social media and in my portfolio unless otherwise negotiated.

How does copyright work for these commissions?

I retain all the applicable rights to the work I make, including rights of attribution and reproduction. This means you cannot display the work without credit, say you made it yourself, post the work edited or traced without permission, sell either the rights to the work or copies of it, enter it in contests, use it on your own merchandise (that’s commercial use) and other such breaches of copyright law.

It also means you don’t receive any working files like .psd or .ai, just the final image, unless negotiated otherwise.

What payment methods do you take?

I accept New Zealand bank transfers (prices converted to NZD) for local clients, and PayPal for all international transfers. I require a 50% deposit before starting work, and the rest before sending the final file(s).

Payment in currency other than USD or NZD will be converted to NZD, rounded to the nearest dollar. Cryptocurrency is not accepted.

How will we communicate?

I will do all important communication over email. I am open to chat over direct messages on Twitter, Instagram and Discord, however I don’t have notifications on and am in a GMT +12 timezone, so there may be some delay unless we organise a time.

I will send a summary of points from chats over email so all important information is in one thread, and everyone’s on the same page.

Abusive, rude or non-existent communication are grounds for ending the commission, I’m not about that.

Can I ask for revisions?

Sure! Commissions include a limited amount of revisions, outlined in the Commission Agreement. Any time I spend on changes over the included amount will be charged at US$30 per hour.

I’ve received a work in progress update, how quickly do I have to get back to you?

Seven days should be long enough to get your thoughts together. If you’re still having trouble, let me know and we can try work it out. However if I don’t hear anything for a consecutive 7 days I will take it as a sign to continue on my current track. You will be reminded before this happens through.

Can I end the commission, and will I get a refund if I do?

Either party may terminate a commission with 10 days’ written notice.

If you end it, refunds of the deposit are available before start of work. After that, the deposit is nonrefundable. Payment will still be due for any work I’ve done so far not covered by the deposit. Refunds of the final payment are not available, since it is due when the piece is already finished. I retain the full rights to anything produced under a terminated commission unless negotiated otherwise.

If I end it, I’ll refund you depending on the amount of work done so far and offer you the work in its current state. The exception to this is if I terminate for bad client behaviour, such as abusive communication, overdue payments or breaches of copyright, in which case the same terms as you ending it apply.